Poweramp Review

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker App is the Key to Some Good Tunes

The actual PowerAMP software is distributed sort of like a piece of shareware. There’s a trial period limitation that you have to deal with like in all iphone tracker apps. It’s somewhat rare to find Android apps that function this way, but users of desktop shareware are probably quite familiar with the distribution method.

Installing Poweramp Full Version

You’ll need the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker to get the original PowerAMP app to work without a trial period limitation. Naturally you’ll need to have installed the original app first before you try to install the unlocking key. It would be weird to do so any other way after all.

After installing the key app you’ll need to restart the PowerAMP client. To do so you can use the back button, wait a moment and then start it back up against. Once you’ve done so you should be able to use the full version just fine. This isn’t as counterintuitive as it sounds, and it’s not all that much different from buying the full version of any other app when you need it.

Poweramp Review 1Poweramp Review 2Poweramp Review 3Poweramp Review 4Excellence of Poweramp Unlocker App

While it sounds weird for there to be updates to an unlocker widget, version 2.0.1 build #455 brought with it an Auto-Find option. It fixed an issue with UTF-16 compatibility and the Replay Gain tags. This could make sense since the developers seem to be marketing their software to a genuinely international audience. Music is after all universal. There isn’t much information on what to do upgrade wise for people who used a previous version, however.

While PowerAMP is probably the best music player available for the Android platform, some people have said they feel that $4.99 is too much for the unlocker app. Those who need it though won’t find a better option however. Most other media players aren’t nearly as developed as this one, and they often come with bugs.

Hesitant to Buy the Poweramp?

Fortunately the program is probably worth that much. Even though users are used to a world of $0.99 downloadable applications, there are a few that end up charging a bit more because a bit of extra love was put into them. This might very well be one of those programs.