PROMT App Review

icon_256 (2)The PROMT translator app is the product of a Russian company that’s been working on machine translation for quite some time. In fact, the fact that its based on technology developed by those who speak English as a second language might be really beneficial for English speakers. Now this probably sounds remarkably counterproductive, but it actually isn’t. It means that users get the opportunity to use something that’s developed from a completely different point of view and that lacks the cultural bias that plagues so many other pieces of software.

The Benefits of PROMT

PROMT has been working on machine translation technology for over two decades with an emphasis on native speaking of a variety of foreign languages. Naturally this means that instead of being programmed from the bias that most systems developed for English speakers are, PROMT is programmed from an entirely different paradigm. This means it’s more accurate in a number of ways. In fact, the system is one of the preferred pieces of software when it comes to Russian translations.

Translators also exist for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and of course English. What also makes the program so unique is the idea of translation memory technology. This proprietary technique has been cultivated by the PROMT organization for some time, and that means that it has been well tested as a result. Those who use the software shouldn’t experience too many errors with the algorithm, which is certainly more than can be said for a variety of competing programs.

Downloading and Using PROMT

Those who need a translation app should certainly look into PROMT for a variety of reasons. Serious users should probably sign up for that matter. There’s a whole range of services that the program offers, and many of these are actually offered straight through the site. This makes it a highly attractive translator app for those who are serious about it and need something that does more than translate web pages.