RedLaser Review

RedLaserRedLaser is a unique shopping app that is very useful to have on your phone as well as iphone tracker apps. Using the RedLaser App you turn your phone into a walking bar-code scanner.  You simply pick something you want to scan, scan it, and RedLaser does the rest.  After finding your item, RedLaser displays prices, information, and even where to buy the item you’re after.  RedLaser isn’t just a live scanner, however.  If someone without a smartphone is at the store, they can send you a picture of a bar-code and RedLaser could scan it for you.  This app is extremely useful for those downloaders who do a lot of shopping. RedLaser could get you a great deal and even save you from loosing some money. The RedLaser App also uses your location to show you deals in your area.  The app can also offer you in-store coupons and more to help you save.  The RedLaser App is truly made FOR the common day shopper to get the best deals possible, in the fastest amount of time possible.  The app also offers a wide variety of other neat features including the new “Store Alerts”.  Store Alerts looks for stores displaying REALLY good sales near you. RedLaser is certainly a free app worth the download time.

RedLaser Navigation

The RedLaser App navigation system is easy to use but almost has a futuristic feel to it at the same time.  The layout features a selection of tabs at the bottom of your screen.  All of these tabs are colored black with gray font except for the middle tab, your “Scan” tab.  This tab is what allows you to get the best deals possible.  The tab is colored in a bold red with a bright white font.  Upon clicking the scan tab your phone is transformed.  Your screen is brought to the familiar facing out camera with one big change, the white scanner box with a red laser scanner in the middle.  This awesome function of RedLaser, which includes a multi-scan button, truly makes the user feel like they have a bar scanner right in hand. The RedLaser App navigation also features a home tab where your scanned items appear, a deals tab where the deals near you show, and then your search and “more” tabs. RedLaser navigation is simple to use and easy to understand.

RedLaser Key Features

The RedLaser key feature is right in the title, its red laser. The scanner ability of the RedLaser App is amazing.  It shows you deals online, near you, and in stores all over. The RedLaser App even offers you a description of the item you’ve scanned. The RedLaser features are great for all styles of shopping.  Whether you want a book, games, groceries, or a new TV the RedLaser app can help you. With the RedLaser App in hand, users can go to stores confident that they got the best deal possible. The RedLaser App is a great way to make sure that you don’t spend money you don’t have to.  It checks every site, so users don’t have to. The RedLasers features allow users the absolute best shopping experience, for free.

The Pros and Cons of RedLaser


RedLaser is a great App and it is definitely worth the download. With RedLaser you’ll be able to go to stores and know that you either walked out with a great deal, or walked out knowing you didn’t spend to much.  So long as you have a picture of the barcode, RedLaser can help you. RedLaser also allows users to see the best deals around them, and offers in-store coupons as well. RedLaser truly is a money saving shopping app. Having RedLaser on your phone could only be a benefit. RedLaser is a truly amazing app that shows off what smartphones are really capable of.


RedLaser is only available on smartphones. If you yourself don’t have a smartphone, or don’t know anyone with a smartphone that can use RedLaser, you’re out of luck. RedLaser’s deals are exclusive to those who can actually use the App, which may inhibit some people from getting the free download.