Review of App Store

App StorePeople are starting to wonder what goes into an APP store review these days. The Apple organization reviews each APP individually. These APP store review statements are a good deal different from the posts that most people would read online, however.

App Store Review Rules

Apple actually spells out the rules, despite what some users might imagine. The APP Store and Mac APP Store technically have separate rule sets, but this doesn’t influence most people since they generally want to check out the iPhone APP store more than anything else.

Use of specific technologies is usually a big one. Of course, there are basic moral and ethical guidelines that go into the review as well.

App Store Reviews Board

There’s also a board that looks into the rejection of things. Now, for users this is something of a double-edged sword. Some useful APPs have been kept out of the way, but this has also protected people from malevolent software as well. Copyright infringement has been a controversial topic in the last few years, and users have sometimes lost APPs as a result.

App Store App Review Guidelines

There are additional guidelines as well, but this doesn’t really go into what most people are interested in. Reading a bunch of reviews won’t really tell much about how easy the APP store is to use.

On a good day it is. The APP store loads right on the iPhone and it’s easy to look through all of the things that are offered. The one major problem involves an embarrassment of riches.

There are just too many APPs these days, and it can be hard to browse through them. It’s now becoming much easier just to search for a specific APP than to try to browse for one. This means that most users will end up firing up Safari to look at APP reviews instead of trying to find something specific on the actual APP store. That’s perfectly fine. In fact, some times it can save time even though the APP store moves quickly in its own right.