Review of Bakery Story

Bakery StoryWhat gets written up in a Bakery Story review for the iPhone depends on the type of gamer who reviews it. Many individuals don’t care for the game, and this has lead to a good deal of negative bakery story reviews. However, these mostly come from those who don’t care for the particulars of a casual game.

Bakery Story Review of Gaming

To the credit of such writers, the game isn’t meant for hardcore gamers. It’s a step up from most restaurant games. Players level up their bakery to accommodate more customers, which resembles many similar titles. However, baked goods are produced in relative real time.

For instance, brownies take about a minute to bake while a chocolate tart will take an entire day. Those who want to attract new customers needs a steady supply of baked goods. Therefore, there’s an element of balance and strategy.

Bakery Story Review and Walkthrough

By continuing to play for a while, more items will be finished which are set out for display. Those that customers eventually never choose go stale and have to be replaced. Decorations are available including floor tiles and various types of wallpaper. Different types of furniture also become available after a period of time.

Players are theoretically encouraged to visit the bakeries of other players, but in practice this is very difficult. While it’s nice to leave tips and explore other stores, there aren’t many online players. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. The game allows players to connect on Facebook, which is increasing the community that’s grown for it.

Bakery Story Review Sites

There’s one other thing that a lot of bakery story app review posts have mentioned. The developers doubled the level up prices at one point, which makes it hard to start up. Nevertheless, the game gets a great deal more fun once players get going. Understanding some of the text could be difficult as a result of what might be translation errors.

For instance, gamers might find themselves baking something called pineapple chocolate. However, despite it’s flaws the game is actually pretty good.