Review of Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips

screen568x568 (9)screen568x568 (10)According to many users, the Beautylish app is one of the best makeup apps on the market today like menstrual calendar app.

Mobile devices users looking on the iTunes store for a Beautylish app review might be surprised with what they find. Some people really love the Beautylish app, while others have more of a lukewarm reception. This probably has something to do with the fact that there are those who want it to do things it wasn’t designed for.

It can be honestly said that it’s one of the best apps out there. There are genuinely a ton of users who say this. They appreciate the forum-like aspects of it. That being said, that really is where the Beautylish app best shines. It is something of a web forum.

Beautylish App Editorials

New users might be surprised to learn that the content accessible through the program is primarily user generated. That’s because it’s so good it certainly looks professional. The makeup and beauty tips are often superb. Those judging the Beautylish app the way it should be judged will focus on this strong point right away.

In the fashion industry, there has long been a push to maintain subscribers to glamorous glossy magazines. Those who download the Beautylish app might finally say goodbye to their subscriptions. Even on the iPhone, the app has images sharp enough to rival those in professional magazines. The written content is far more concise and enjoyable than what most companies provide today. Best of all, the app can travel with users. If someone finds himself or herself in a sticky situation where they need to fix their cosmetics in a real pinch then they can fairly discretely look for an answer to their problems.

Technical Issues

There have been a few problems that some users have experienced with the program. System administrators have been working on correcting them, so they shouldn’t tarnish the reputation of the Beautylish app too much. Some users have been unable to edit their profile from the actual software and need to use a browser or contact someone instead. Deleting images can be a bit difficult at times.

This somewhat mirrors the behaviors of other apps. It can be hard to edit things from inside of them. Sometimes it’s actually best to go back to a browser anyway.

Those who treat the Beautylish app more like a magazine than a social network, however, seldom complain. There’s nothing against simply allowing everyone else to do the chatting and writing while the user just sits back and takes advantage of the exchange of ideas. In fact this is very much like the way that a traditional fashion magazine works, considering that there isn’t much of a way to communicate with the individuals who write it. Then again, this actually gives users a chance to engage in conversation and some people will really want to make heavy use of that feature. It’s up to the individual user how they decide to do it.