Review of Dragon Dictation

Dragon DictationDifferent dragon dictation reviews are going to say very different things. Some people really love this software, while others have some serious problems with it. What it comes down to is how useful it will be for one person compared to another. After all, the software doesn’t work universally well with everyone.

Dragon Dictation Review of Useful Features

The app is surprisingly easy to use once it gets set up. Tapping the red button to record is usually all that’s needed to capture some text. Even easier is getting this text in some kind of a usable format.

Once users are satisfied with whatever the program came up with for them, they can email it. They push it straight to their Twitter of Facebook status bar if they have it set up to accept that. They can send it as an SMS message, or even put it on the clipboard. Since there’s no way for the app to save directly to a file, users find themselves using that last option all the time.

Dragon Dictation Review of Drawbacks

One of the biggest drawbacks is that the software requires an Internet connection since the actual text-to-speech transcription is done via the app communicating with a server. The biggest drawbacks that most commonly show up in dragon dictation app review pages involve the technology itself, however.

Speech-to-text algorithms are glitchy. It can sometimes take several times before the app gives users useful text. Those with strong accents may not like using it. However, for those that it does work for the speech-to-text system is much easier than using a touchscreen keyboard.

Concluding Remarks with a Dragon Dictation Review

In spite of the problems with the software, some people have started to develop extremely innovative uses for it. For instance, some students have used it to produce instant transcriptions of lectures. While it doesn’t produce flawless text, this is usually a good deal easier to work with than an audio recording. It’s sort of a way to produce instant notes in a classroom, which means that more student users might be downloading it shortly.