Review of IM

IMThose who read lots of IM reviews are probably used to using any number of instant messaging networks on their iPhone. Anyone looking for an IM review can go about things one of two ways. On one hand, they can use some sort of web service through the Safari browser that comes installed on their phone.

However, anyone who has checked out a Verbs IM review knows that there’s a better way. The universal $1.00 app works as an excellent bare bones chat client for iPhone users. As an IM review might mention this is an area where simple apps are best. There’s no reason to beat people over the head with features when all they want to do is communicate.

Verb Technology IM Review

Nevertheless, a more expensive version is also available. The developers claim that the $5.00 version actually saves battery life by routing conversations through a single network connection.

A good look at the Verbs software will probably mention that it gives users access to multiple services. Those who have an AIM, Google Talk, Mobile Me or Facebook account will be able to log in from the software’s interface. A good IM review will mention that the app lets users log in and use the services simultaneously. This means that users won’t have to suffer and install multiple apps when all they want to do is use their instant messengers.

Considering the Cost with an IM Review

The app features some of each service’s unique options. It displays AIM buddy icons, for instance. A lot of sites complained about time limitations that the app suffers from, but the $5.00 version eliminates all of these and it supports complete push notifications.

New Uses for Software from IM Reviews

Users can actually download and view Office and iWorks documents from the app. They can also email chat logs from within the app. This makes it highly attractive for those who need to use their software for work. It also makes it attractive for those who are into collaborative storytelling.

While games for the iPhone platform can be expensive, some people have started to make their own entertainment by writing bits of stories together through an IM application. This is a great opportunity to get in on the fun.