Review of Tunein Radio

Tunein RadioUsers of the iPhone and iPad looking at a TuneIn Radio review are probably familiar with numerous Internet radio apps on the market. There are plenty of them, and some people take one look at the TuneIn Radio review and go use something else. They really shouldn’t. Instead, a quality posting shows that the app is actually really full featured.

Nevertheless, most users will want to know that the interface isn’t all cluttered up. A lot of these full-featured apps have a cluttered interface running amuck with bells and whistles. The interface, however, is rather minimalist and that’s a major advantage of the software.

Great Tunein Radio Review Points

The app makes it very easy to browse between genres and bookmark favorites. As any TuneIn Radio review will show, users can pause live streams for up to 30 minutes. They can then rewind, fast forward or record any station so that they can listen to the feed later on.

As any user’s post shows, it’s easy to visit an artist station or check out the current artist on LastFM. Likewise, TuneIn Radio reviews seem to indicate that a lot of fans end up buying the music on iTunes. An in-app control makes this pretty easy to handle.

Tunein Radio Review of Music

No TuneIn Radio App review would be complete without mentioning the fact that there are over 30,000 stations that the app can actually access. That means there should be always something to listen to. Since the software can be tuned to a specific location, it can readily access feeds of regular broadcast stations in the area. This is great for those who don’t want to miss a particular sporting event.

Tunein Radio Review of the Software

As for music, it streams pretty well. This is especially so for those who use their iOS device with a permanent WiFi connection. It could make some pretty great suggestions at times, which is actually rather impressive when working with underground bands. Those who favor punk or metal should be especially pleased since the matching service has a tendency to excel especially with bands that many users probably haven’t heard of.