Run Keeper Review

By following a Run Keeper review, users should quickly learn how to use it mixe with loss weight app that this dynamic app has everything they need to start working out and really get in shape.

One Run Keeper review mentioned that unlike a lot of the exercise apps on the market this one hasn’t made a choice whether it wants to market itself solely toward the fitness or competition training market. It has so many features that both groups will love. Those just wanting to slim down and work out will get a lot out of it.

Then again, those who are training for something will too. The fact that it allows people to track different types of activities are really nice. Don’t let the name of the Run Keeper app be misleading. It isn’t just for runners, and that has really helped to grow its appeal for those training for a multitude of things.

Headphone Coaching

By far the most unique aspect of the Run Keeper app is the ability to actually coach the user. On the surface, the Run Keeper app interfaces with the built-in music functions found on the phone. Users then proceed to listen to music while they’re working out.

Coaching functions allow built-in audio cues to be synced into the music. While there are a few controls for music as well, this is a really nice feature in its own right. While just reading many Run Keeper reviews would make it sound like this app is primarily for runners, this feature seems to be geared more towards the aerobics end of the spectrum. Few apps are actually geared toward users who intend to use them for the practice of aerobics, so this was a really nice touch.

Tracking Fitness

The software allows users to track cycling, running, walking and even other types of working out. The GPS system lets people find out about detailed statistics surrounding their pace. Distance and time spent moving are pretty useful too. Notifications are quickly sent to the user any time that they set or beat a personal best. At first it will be easy to set these, but it gets much harder as the app learns more about a particular workout regimen. That can keep people going longer.

Social Integration

Those who wanted to use the app to share their progress can quite easily. It has integrative functions with Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook. There’s actually an independent on-board social network to round out the app that some people might be interested in.

While it might seem that this is just something that the app threw together, it’s actually a vibrant forum. Those who are into this form of communication will certainly want to check it out. It’s a great place to get fitness advice and nutrition tips. Other users might consider it a sort of fitness magazine that they don’t pay extra for. There’s no compulsion to post, of course, so any registered user may benefit from the use of this forum since they can always read what others are saying.