Runkeeper Review

RunkeeperHonestly, a lot of people today simply need an inspiration to just get up and go.  Runkeeper could be that inspiration as well as all weight loss apps.  Upon first opening the app, there isn’t much instruction but it’s really not hard to figure out.  This jog tracking app is very engaging upon starting your activity, what ever it may be!  That leads on to another great part about this app.  It allows you to go on multiple routes and actually encourages you to build yourself up.  You can begin your journey with the app by tracking your walks to the local deli, friends house, etc.  Then start taking it for your walks, bike rides, and if you case allows for it you can even take it for a swim!  This app is pretty cool for anyone who really wants to organize their runs.  I’d recommend this app especially to anyone who might be training for a marathon, it’d make tracking your time and routes a breeze.

Runkeeper Navigation

Runkeeper is simple to use, and has a very familiar format.  The user interacts with the app via tabs at the bottom of their screen view.  These tabs allow you to go to your own Runkeeper profile, look at your past activities, start a new activity, look at any friends you may have added on the app, and then of course your settings.  This easy to use navigation is great for anyone who might not be the best when it comes to handling apps.  The app reactions to switching from page to page is extremely smooth and obviously very well worked on.

Runkeeper Key Features

There are a lot of apps you could use to track your jogs, but Runkeeper is a little bit more.  Besides being free Runkeeper allows you to track your biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, skating, swimming, elliptical workouts, and more.  The app even allows a feature to someone to might be in a wheelchair to track their movements.  This app cannot be tricked like a simple jog tracker that bases itself on movement.  This app actually uses its very own GPS system to track your path and tell you how fair you went.  You can add notes to your tracked activities, add friends to the app, and you can even customize your own profile for Runkeeper for others to see.

Pros and Cons of Runkeeper


Overall, Runkeeper is a great app and it’s recommended for anyone who jogs, or is looking to start.  You can track just about any type of movement on this app, allowing more than just joggers to track activity.  The app is easy to navigate to and pretty self explanatory.  After completing your jog, run, hike there are also loads of options for you to customize the activity on the app.  You can add notes, times, etc.  Runkeeper is pretty great.


While you may enjoy the fact that you have a profile that you’re able to customize, you might not like the fact that you actually have to sign up for it.  If the app is already using a GPS system, why not have an automatic system that logs you in with your phone?  The overall layout of the app is also pretty unoriginal.  While the app probably isn’t going for best overall look, and it won’t be getting it, it’s still a pretty fun app to work with.