SayHi Translate App Review

mzl.rwgdrlokAdmittedly many sayhi translate review pages gush, but in some ways the software is actually worth gushing about. It serves not only as a translator, but one that allows users to actually convert spoken words into translated text. It’s part of a class of apps that Apple has actually sought to promote in their advertising campaigns. As a result, people have been really looking for it lately.

Looking at the Audio Translator

A good deal of sayhi translate review pages make it look like the app resembles something out of science fiction. In fact, marketing copy even uses the term universal translator to describe the software. Some of this praise is deserved because it can instantly convert some spoken words into an audio sounded phrase.

That being said, there are a few caveats. Machine translation is never perfect to be honest, and this app is no different. Sometimes the translation will come off as a little strange. On the other hand, it’s usually quite accurate which makes it all the more impressive. Commonly spoken phrases that deal with business or general traveling options can be reproduced straight from the app, which totally eliminates the fear of anything causing a problem as far as translation errors are concerned.

All of this power comes with one small caveat, though. Sometimes people will be upset if given a phrase from a cell phone app. It can be a sign that a user doesn’t speak a foreign language, which might seem somewhat insulting to native speakers of that language. It’s best to use it with care as a result.

Should You Use SayHi

Instead of just reading a sayhi translate review, it might be better to actually test out the app. Some people genuinely really liked this program, and it’s especially useful for those who are traveling. While users who just want to translate written information won’t necessarily warm up to it, it’s the perfect thing for those who are looking for something to use while traveling.