Shazam Review

ShazamShazam is a unique app that allows you to identify music like iphone tracker apps help to find other people.  The app is very straight forward and can easily support two different type of users. Shazam can act as your go to music app for your personal, on occasion, use.  Shazam, however, can also act as a great app for anyone who wants to also share music with friends, discover new songs, and use it as more a social network for music.  Shazam is also in unison with many third party apps, such as: Rdio, YouTube, iTunes, and even Twitter.  Shazam allows users to purchase their newly heard song, it list concert venues near you, and can even give you more info on certain artist.  Shazam offers a lot for being a free app.  If you hear a great song, have the name of one you’ve forgotten on the tip of your tongue.

Shazam Navigation

Shazam features a layout that is extremely simple and right to the point.  Upon first opening the app, and getting all of the formalities out of the way, the app displays a large blue button in the middle of your screen.  You simple push this button and the app identifies the song that’s being played.  This system is easy to use and great for any downloaders who just wanted a quick go-to app to use.  Then, we can go further.  The app, for those of you who’d like to use it for more as social networking site, features tabs at the bottom of your screen.  The tabs can navigate you to your tags, a map feature, to the pulse, or to view your friends list.  In the center of these tabs is a smaller blue button to bring you back to Shazam’s actual feature, music listening.  Shazam is a great app that’s easy to navigate, a lot of fun, and VERY useful.

Shazam Key Features

Shazam’s best feature is of course the one it was made to do, it’s music identifying feature.  Shazam quickly accesses your phones mic and truly listens.  It breaks down the music and searches its vast engines until it finds the song you’re listening to, which surprisingly doesn’t take that long!  For those app users who’ll be using the app more in-depth it also displays a feature that’ll allow you to share music with friends and also those other app users who are in your area.  For music lovers, Shazam lets you see how close the bands you love are playing.  You can see show dates, tick prices, and more.  Shazam offers a lot of features that jut can’t be beat.

Pros and Cons of Shazam

Pros of Shazam app:

Shazam is an app that is available for FREE download, yet it offers so much!  The  music identifier on the app is quick, accurate, and really useful.  Never again will you not know the name of the song that’s playing in the background.  For those of you who go out clubbing often, this app is perfect.  Save every song the DJ plays and enjoy them when you get home.  This app is easy to use and great for anyone who wants to enjoy their music on the go.

Cons of Shazam app:

While Shazam is offered for free there is an option to go to a “Premium” version of Shazam.  Although all this does is get rid of apps it’s still pretty unnerving.  In another case, Shazam also only works as well as your phone’s mic works.  If there’s a problem with the mic, there could be a problem with the app.  The app also won’t work at all if you don’t have service or wifi on any device which is the biggest turn off of all.  Although, there aren’t many places where you won’t have at least one of those things.  Shazam is an app, and as an app it’s only as good as the device it’s operating on, which could be a big hinderance.