Snapseed Review

As any Snapseed review will probably remark, Snapseed is a very different kind of photo app on the iPhone. It’s not the sort of fun application that Instagram is. There’s no way to share images from Snapseed directly on Flickr or Instagram. There’s no photo-specific social network supported by the software.

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Professional Snapseed Review

Those things are the app’s actual strengths, as hard as that might be to believe. Nik Software developed the program, and many users may be unfamiliar with them. They’re hardly a household name.

Nevertheless, Nik has been making software for professional and commercial users for some time. As a result, the application is geared towards people who take digital iPhone photography very seriously.

Commercial Snapseed Review

The app is non-destructive, so users won’t have to worry about loosing precious photos. There are lots of powerful correction tools, and the software allows users to make localized adjustments. The interface is much more complicated than other apps, but it needs to be considering that it’s designed for an entirely different crowd than most of these programs.

It has another big strength as well. Google bought out Nik Software, and that means that Snapseed is free. This powerful software package is free, and some might say it rivals some of Adobe’s stand-alone desktop tools. Drama and grunge functions add a bit of fun to the otherwise demure offering, though even they’re still a good deal more powerful than what the competition offers. Naturally the software supports tilt shift as so many packages do these days.

Concluding Snapseed Review

Having taken another page from Adobe’s book, there’s an automatic fix mode. It has a Photoshop-style plug in that’s called Sharpnener Pro, which can alter the actual structure of an image. While things like filters and tilt shift are trendy, this kind of thing is as strong as what a lot of PC paint packages offer to uses. Most people won’t need this kind of power.

Social image editing packages will work just fine for them. Artists, however, will really appreciate just how powerful the software is.