SpeechWorld App Review

It might surprise some people who developed this transcription app. Professional organizations are more involved in app development than ever before, but then again big names usually aren’t with the exception of social networking and search apps. The fact that users now have access to this program means that the world of iOS apps is moving in an entirely new direction.

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Using the Philips App

That’s right, these transcription apps or voice iphone app are actually programmed by Philips. Most people are familiar with that organization, and while they might not think of them as someone that delivers an app to their iPad they certainly are very popular when it comes to transcription technology. As a result the app basically starts off with a good bit of publicity in that respect. While publicity isn’t something that people should be judging their software based on, it does speak volumes about the ability of this software to do some real work.

Those who want a solid iOS transcription app will probably want to take a look at this one right away. Instead of trying to model the individual new software after countless other similar transcription apps, SpeechWorld is based on a system that was geared toward digital transcription from the beginning. Professional users who want their Apple devices to work just as though it were a physical recording device are certainly the intended users here, and they’ve done well with the actual intent as it stands. Users in that respect have been very pleased to say the least.

Downloading SpeechWorld

Even though it may not be for beginners, this transcription app is probably the best on market for those who want to use it as part of a professional setting. This was clearly the type of environment that it was designed to function in, so those who want to use it as such so probably get it. Users though should be sure to note that the app does honestly work best when used on a tablet. Smaller mobile devices might not be compatible with it.