Sports Tracker Review

screen568x568 (11)screen568x568 (12)Those looking for information on the sports tracker app should be pleased to know that a version exists for both the iOS and Google Android platforms.

With so many GPS sports computer programs out there, it’s hard to imagine why people would want to take a look at the sports tracker app. The market is simply flooded. That makes it all the more amazing that this app continues to stand out apart from all the rest even in that crowded market.

Since the sports tracker app, there’s actually no reason not to give it a try. That might fly in the face of those who say that there isn’t any reason to give credence to another one of these apps, but it’s a really nice program with a unique setup that might very well convert users of existing programs over to it.

Basic Functions

A sports tracker review writer stated that they liked the app so much over the competition because it presented information to them in a very concise fashion. The duration, time, distance, speed, pace and heart rate metrics are all presented as large pieces of clearly typeset text.

The heart rate graphs are presented in a way that makes them clearly visible as well. While this might not sound like much, it’s absolutely vital for an exercise app. After all, it’s going to be hard to see what’s going on at a glance when working out so it’s important to ensure that it’s always nice and clear.

GPS Maps

The satellite images were a nice touch to the GPS function. Most trackers use a basic map, so it’s good to see some of the terrain with this one. It should be noted that continuously using the GPS feature dramatically decreases the battery life of a unit. Those using iPod Touch devices don’t really have access to an internal GPS, so the sports tracker app can only make location estimates for those users.

Tips and Tricks

There used to be a bug involving the app periodically pausing or stopping, but this appears to have been correct. Tracking and accumulation of miles now seems to work pretty well, but there’s a little trick to get it working totally.

Those who want it to track properly on iOS units have to select an option telling their device to allow apps to work in the background. After that, they should have no further problems with the app at all. Eventually, judging by user feedback, they may add some sort of goal option. The current revisions of the app seem to lack it, however. This really isn’t that big of a deal, considering that quite a few people don’t seem to mind the app in its current configuration any way. It still is plenty usable, and does hold up against the competition even in a crowded market for sure. That’s why it still sees downloads despite the environment working against it. Hikers surely need to check it out.