Spotify Review

Spotify ReviewSpotify for iPhone will Keep you Rocking all Night
The best part about the Spotify app by far is the fact that it’s free to download. Premium users will have to pay $9.99 for the service, but it might actually be worth it. The client is legal, and people are really starting to pay attention to whether or not the software they invest in commits flagrant acts of copyright violations.

As a result the content is ad supported. There will be times when an annoying advertisement pops up. It’s worth it, but it can be a problem for some users since the ads have a tendency to come up at the worst times. Premium users can enjoy unlimited streams, though this isn’t an option extended to those who use the basic free service.

Spotify: It’s All about Music

Spotify is certainly far more slim than iTunes has ever been. It is simply dedicated to music. There aren’t any movies, podcasts or videos. As a result the app works very well. There’s nothing to bog it down. Those who want podcasts can probably find plenty of free RSS feeds anyway, so it’s not even an issue.

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Spotify Key Features

People have debated back and forth in regards to how relevant the content on Spotify is. Some people are big into the idea of integrating Spotify with facebook. There have been some problems with this feature, and Apple’s iCloud service is starting to really pick up momentum. A few users might even be more interested in Rhapsody than they are in Spotify like iphone tracker apps.

Nevertheless, the Spotify client is a strong piece of software. It works well and doesn’t really have any problems with freezing up. It can be recommended to anyone who wants to do some serious music listening. That being said, it probably won’t be as popular with those who want a ton of flashy features.

Simplicity in Your Hands

That being said, the beauty of Spotify is in the simplicity. Apple iCloud technology isn’t always as reliable as it should be. There are questions of whether this kind of app is stable over the long term. Fortunately Spotify doesn’t have any of the same questions associated with it, so users can feel free to enjoy it a good deal more than they might have thought. Just start the program and rock out; it’s that easy.