Tango Review

TangoTango is an App designed  with the purpose of creating a new communication App. Originally Tango was used as a sort of FaceTime App, but has evolved into so much more.  The modern day Tango now features chat functions, avatar sets, and more.  The app isn’t used very often anymore, but it still offers a lot for anyone who is willing to try.  The app allows you to call, video chat, and text chat with anyone in your contacts who also has the app.  You can shop with the in-app store to make your Tango experience more enjoyable as well. Tango now features in-App downloadable games that you may play with your friends via Tango, Tango E-Cards, in-call mini-games, and more.  Tango has truly expanded on what it use to be, mostly because it had to however.  When Tango was first released, its popularity was extremely high.  Now, however, Tango is still used, but certainly not to the extent that it was before hand.

Tango Navigation

Navigation through the Tango App is fairly easy at first, but can become a bit tricky with some of the new features.  The App layout features a black and orange color themed tabs at the bottom of your screen.  The tabs feature your friends list, recent calls, your current chats, people you may invite to the Tango app, and lastly the in-app Tango store tab.  Each tab is pretty self-explanatory and has the same feel as most other communication apps.  While Tango does offer a few extra features, these features could get in the way quite often.  Tango offers a wide variety of in-app purchases, which are extremely easy to click by accident.  One wrong click on Tango and you’re in the App Store.  The basic Navigation of Tango is as easy as it was when the app first came out, new additions, however, might make it a bit more tough for those who aren’t very good at working their Apps.

Tango Key Features

The key features of the Tango App, however, are now features that every iPhone and most other smartphones are able to offer you.  Originally the FaceTime App on iPhones didn’t work over 3G, which is when Tango was in its prime. Tango’s video chat service did work over your network and the users loved it.  Tango was reportedly used in schools quite often.  Students who were in classrooms across from each other would video chat using the Tango App, and while the teachers probably didn’t enjoy it, the students left great reviews on the app.  FaceTime, since then, now works on your 3G or LTE networks, making the Key Feature of this app somewhat obsolete.  The Tango App has tried to save itself and has added some pretty fun features, although most users won’t want to buy them.

Tango App Review from Mary Broad on Vimeo.

The Pros and Cons of Tango


Tango is actually a really fun App.  It still has a lot to offer users and is great for inter-phone video chatting.  If you’re on an iPhone and your friend has an Android, you obviously can’t FaceTime. This is where the Tango App would come in handy. Besides that the Tango App can’t offer much beyond what regular FaceTime or Skype can.


The Tango App, at one point, was amazing and loved.  Now, however, with new updates to Apple Apps and smartphones the purpose of Tango has all but died out. Tango might as well be one big in-app purchase at this point.  All of what your offered to by is emoji’s that would be free to send in a regular text. The Tango App may actually still be useful to some, but to most, it has become somewhat of a commonly deleted App. If Tango added something to put them back in the game, it’d be great.  For now, however, they’ve been beat.