Task List – To Do List Review

unnamedunnamed (1)Using the task list app is a great way to get organized.

Perhaps the biggest benefit from the task list app will come to those who are currently using paper to organize their to-do lists. Those who use a basic note app to do so won’t really care for this program. Those who haven’t yet made the jump to digital and are trying to move out, though, will be able to stop using the dead tree method in only a few minutes. The savings in time and money is impressive.

Features Offered by the App

Organizing individual tasks is easy with the task list app. Users can assign icons to individual tasks, and they can also do the same to sets of lists. There are some basic sync systems here, but admittedly most people aren’t going to be using them very often. This really isn’t an enterprise level solution so much as it’s an app that can get people organized in a short period of time.

Now on the other hand the individual icons and task reminders are going to be a huge help to most people. Repeating tasks is pretty easy to do, and that makes this one of the best task list app options for those who constantly need to update lists. Students who are required to keep an assignment notebook might find that especially useful. Some classrooms will allow it’s use for sure.

Localization and Accessibility

This blows other task list apps out of the water when it comes to these types of options. English, Spanish and German text is currently supported by the app. That means that a wide variety of users will be able to access the software in their native language.

There’s a speech and text option available for those who might have some difficulty with the app otherwise. That’s become relatively popular in recent years, in part because of the increasingly smaller screens on mobile devices. Many users don’t really care for typing on such a smaller screen, and this function could ultimately appeal to them as an alternative for a more traditional piece of software.

Possible Adware

Even though this considered the best task list app by many people, it does fail in a single regard. Like many other task list apps, it features advertisements. Some people might be turned off by this fact. Admittedly, the paid version of the software is not crippled by these problems. There are a few other crippling problems that are used to encourage people to pay as well. These are naturally cleared up later.

As a result, this program resembles shareware in a way. Those who have used computers for a long time before they made the switch to mobile devices are really familiar with the try before you buy method of sales. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but users should be aware of what they’re getting before they start to sink some money into this app or even download it.