Tempo Run App Review

tempo-run-3-325x325temporun-appThese days it seems like everyone is trying to market a running music app or fitness app, but Tempo Run really stands out among the rest. In fact it was winner of the SXSW Student Startup Madness Contest 2013 as well as the Michigan State University Business Pitch Contest. These impressive stats still don’t really tell users what the app is all about. Using a certain type of musical algorithm, the software modifies the playback and sound reproduction of a set piece of music, which then matches to the beat of the person moving to it. This can actually increase cardiovascular output by up to 15 percent according to studies.

Exercising with Tempo Run

mzl.nosppxkvUsers who have a collection of music can make use of what the running music app calls the Tempo Level system. It categorizes the music library into different levels based on different tempo intervals. Those who are working on a specific level will then have tracks played that match the beat of that level. This helps to create a very fluid running pace. For that matter, there’s actually a radio streaming option for those who don’t have much of a library to go with.

Those who do want to experiment though might want to have a look at these following features:

  • Streaming Tempo Radio system that works through a system of pre-categorized tempo structures
  • Functions that allow uses to sort and select tracks based on genre
  • Lists of workout statistics
  • Number of calories burned
  • Total distance
  • BPM tapper to ensure that beats are perfect.

Like with other running training apps, it’s best to throttle down the volume slightly when using it. While it works with all musical genres, tests have indicated that the BPM modification system works best with electronic music. Of course, this doesn’t actually make any changes to the music files alone. Everything is done in memory, so there’s no concerns about messing with purchased music.

Checking out the App

Those who haven’t tried running training apps yet should certainly download this one first. It’s really picked up in popularity especially with iOS device users. Currently the iTunes store is listing the Tempo run app at only $2.99, which isn’t that bad considering what it does for the user. The ability to get more fitness encouragement is always a great thing.