The World of Warcraft App

Blizzard announced a few years ago that they want to make a real World of Warcraft app available to mobile phone users. Senior producer John Lagrave was a little vague as to whether it would ever actually see a release. Nevertheless, it got gamers really wondering if they will ever be able to play a full version of World of Warcraft on their mobile phones. As it turns out, the answer to that question is much more complicated than it might seem.

Lagrave has suggested that there won’t be a full release until the development staff is totally satisfied with everything. They’re especially concerned with the look and feel, as Blizzard wouldn’t want to tarnish the reputation of their franchise with a poorly developed knock-off. There are a few official World of Warcraft app downloads, but they’re not quite what most gamers are looking for.

World of Warcraft Mobile Armory

The most common genuine World of Warcraft app is called Mobile Armory. It’s not a full game per say, and people who aren’t already players wouldn’t really be able to get anything out of it. Those who are very serious about playing the MMORPG will want to check it out though.

Mobile Armory allows players to work with some options even when they’re not logged into the game. View screens are provided to look at all characters connected to an account. That means players can check stats and equipment even when they’re away.

Auction House features are completely accessible from the Mobile Armory as well. That means players who are missing out on auctions will now be able to check them out constantly no mater where they are. Search features are provided for items, guilds and characters. Guild chat features work as well.

Informational and planning tools like the in game calendar are very useful for those who are part of a serious competitive guild. Mobile gamers can make sure they never miss another guild action this way, and can even attend meetings on the go. Talent calculators and item browsers give players an opportunity to plan ahead and make sure that they’re on the right course when it comes to character development.

Android Mobile Armory

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (4)There are both Google Android and Apple iOS versions of the World of Warcraft app available for download. The Android version requires version 1.6 or higher, and received a content rating of everyone. While there are millions of installs according to the Google Play store, some users reported connection bugs when trying to sync to the game’s servers.


Apple Mobile Armory

World-of-Warcraft-Mobile-Armory-for-iPhone_42843-1-world-warcraft-mobile-armorywowarmoryiphone02The iOS version of the World of Warcraft app doesn’t look much different than its cousin over on the Google Android platform. It requires iOS 4.3 or later and can run on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s optimized for use with iPhone 5. The big difference is in file size. It’s a 31.4 MB download on the iTunes store, but Google Play only recorded it at 7.9 MB.

Those who are a little strapped for space are probably asking themselves why the code is so much more bloated over here than in the world of Android. This might have something to do with the way that iOS apps are developed. The architecture is very different, especially considering that it’s a closed-source system relative to Android. There shouldn’t be much different in run time though, in spite of the size difference.

True MMORPG Play

Gamers who really want to face the music have to admit that there really isn’t a genuine mobile World of Warcraft app out at the moment. Technically there aren’t really any plans to release one either at the present time. The only really fully featured World of Warcraft apps that are available from Blizzard Entertainment are those for OS X and Microsoft Windows. This really is a home computer game when the issue is objectively looked at.

The entire game system has been distributed on four compact discs, a five disc set for the game of the year edition, a single DVD and digital distribution. Websites that promise to offer a World of Warcraft app that isn’t directly from Blizzard for a mobile platform that also doesn’t adhere to any of these home release standards are probably pretty sketchy.

In the future there might be a genuine World of Warcraft app that plays just like the regular one does for PC and on the Apple Macintosh. Until then, though, gamers will probably have to be satisfied with the Mobile Armory program. It’s probably more likely that Blizzard would write an entirely new World of Warcraft client for mobile operating systems than update the existing architecture. Judging by some recent events, however, they will continue updating and supporting Mobile Armory for some time.

Order and Chaos Online

Gameloft developed the Order and Chaos Online fantasy MMORPG title for iOS and Android devices. It’s also out on Windows Phone as well. The program is so close to being a full-featured version of World of Warcraft on mobile devices that many gamers are now getting confused.

Despite the similar appearances, this isn’t an official World of Warcraft release. It’s an entirely different game that functions on different unrelated servers. In fact, some people have suggested it might even be a little too close to World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, there’s nothing stopping existing fans from starting up an Order and Chaos account. It really is a great stand-alone title and it has a lot to offer fans of the regular game.

Still, it’s important to remember that this is not a project managed by Blizzard. It’s not official, and until they actually release something that functions just like the regular game there won’t really be anything official. The fact that people are so interested shows that there are enough potential customers to make it worthwhile, though the cost of testing an app that would eventually become that popular might end up causing a few headaches.