Titanium Backup Review

Titanium Backup PRO Key Unlocks Real Computer Insurance

Like a few other pieces of software that are distributed akin to shareware, the Titanium Backup PRO Key is needed in order to unlock the full version of this backup software. Nevertheless, even the free features are pretty nice. There’s no limit for those who don’t want to rush with upgrading this Android app.

Free Features of Titanium Backup

That means users can feel free to evaluate it as long as they need to. Of course they’ll probably want to upgrade quickly. Even the free version works quickly, and lists several hundred apps in a second or so. It sorts apps by name or backup frequency.

An app filter system works the same way. Naturally it backs up and restores both regular apps and their settings. That’s obviously the primary use of this sort of software. When it restores an app it also restores the market links along with it. There’s a zero-click background backup system for those who really need it.

Titanium Backup Review 1Titanium Backup Review 2Titanium Backup Review 3Special Features of Titanium Backup

For that matter the interactive batch restore system is good for those that loose things fairly often. A no click app uninstaller was a nice feature to add, and the fact that it even works with system apps is that much sweeter. Widgets might be useful for a few users as well.

When users upgrade with the Titanium Backup PRO Key they’ll notice a few big changes. The Titanium Backup PRO Key is actually branded to the buyer’s name. Multiple backup files can be made for each app and then users can choose to restore from a particular period in history.

How Titanium Backup Can Help You

Batch restore features brought in by the Titanium Backup PRO Key are pretty nice as well. HyperShell is generally faster for everything in the Titanium Backup PRO Key version. Broken market links can be fixed with the Market Doctor feature.

An app freezer program that disables apps comes with Titanium Backup PRO Key as well. This is perfect for when users don’t care to have an app on all the time. Some things will take resources and even visual space on the interface when they’re activated. By disabling them it’s easy to maintain them in stasis without actually having to go and uninstall them.

Titanium Backup PRO Key is a very basic Android app. It’s interface shows, but it simply works great, like in period calendar app.