Top 5 Best Calorie Counter Apps

Best Android and iOS Apps for Slimming Down and Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

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One of the main problems with maintaining weight loss and your fitness goals are what psychologists call self-regulation failure. In other words, you failed to maintain what you knew you were suppose to do, and put off the activity, giving in to procrastination. How do you solve this issue that haunts every new fitness newbie? According to leading behavioral specialists, in order to fix the habit failure, organizing and tracking your fitness progress reinforces your schedule. New habits are formed when consistently practiced for six weeks, afterwards they are a habit and in combination with the best calorie counter apps, you can be one inch closer to your ideal weight. So get up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and download one of these incredible apps to hold you accountable for your promise to yourself!

I. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

8.29.12.mfp1By: MyFitnessPal | Android, iOS | Free

We as humans are social creatures and because of that we are strongly influenced by each other’s opinion. That’s why this app is the all around most effective app for losing weight, it’s feature where you are held accountable by your friends and community puts pressure on you to succeed. Acting as your own personal coach, the app tells you exactly what you can and cannot eat through out the day.  So you are essentially gaining a virtual coach that has entire nutritional information on over 75,000 foods.

Pros: Accountability network of friends to push you to achieve your goals. Leader in foods database (75,000) and health information

Cons: No logging offline. Excessive ads

II. My Diet Diary Calorie Counter

1089bd3434By: MedHelp | Android, iOS | Free

This great app from Medhelp is a force for your fitness because it tracks all of your vitamin, cholesterol, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, and mineral intake.  For you detail-driven fitness enthusiasts this is a great tool for being mindful of your micro-nutrients.  The app goes a step further and also tracks how you’re doing in comparison to your daily calorie budget and diet.  The food tracking feature boasts over 150,000 different recipes and foods for your diet. You also get to log over 65 exercises to calculate how many calories you have burned.

Pros: Great visual images of food intake and calories burned. Includes a water intake tracker which is unique and which most exercise apps don’t have.

Cons: The recipes section lacks variety (e.g. No Chinese, Indian, or Mediterranean foods). An offline mode is lacking and is not currently supported.

III. Calorie Counter

calorie-counter-screenBy: | Android, iOS | Free

The Calorie Counter app serves as an extension of the award-winning with over six million subscribers. In combination with the desk top version, users can scan foods and have it show up across devices. The free membership to is constantly updated. In addition, the app’s dashboard engages you with their visual representations of the foods you’ve eaten and the different exercises you’ve performed for the day. A neat feature to this fitness app is that you’re able to use voice to log your meals and exercises.

Pros: Great community of users, one of the largest by far. Another pro is the responsive and effective costumer service is offers to it’s members.

Cons: The food database is not nearly as expansive as the other fitness apps. One of the most important ingredients to track is sugar and unfortunately this app does not.

IV.  Diet Point

69148-f69bb60071cd4f27489ccbf976d3779c-medium_jpgBy: DietPoint Ltd | Android, iOS | Free

One of the main talking points about this app is that it’s core focuses on their thousands of unique and effective diet plans. They boat with over 130 different diet plans that work in as many as 14 different categories. Each diet plan comes with your own shopping list and weight loss estimate so that you can plan ahead for which diet plan is ultimately going to allow you to reach your target goal. The meal reminders are great because they are set for certain times so that you never miss breakfast or lunch again. With such precision and attention to organization of your food intake, the weight will stumble off at a snowball rate.

Pros: There are over 500 professional tips on how to improve your diet plan. The app also features a BMI calculator and weight tracker.

Cons: Requires the pro version for a lot majority of the popular diets. Also lacks a guide for exercise or recommendations.

V. Weight Watchers Mobile

a1aWNvbnMvMS9kYzNmNjcxOGFkOTVlZmZlOGVmZGQwNDI5MDM5N2JhMg==By: Weight Watchers International | Android, iOS | Free (Members only)

As one of the leading competitors in the weight loss market, Weight Watchers hails as one of the most best creators of weight-loss apps. They’re app is flexible and is loaded with features: Snap Track, where you can take a picture of your food and upload it to your daily tracker. In addition to the unique perspective on photographs, you can also keep track of your weight, physical activity, and meals.  On top of those features, the app also allows you to locate wherever there is a Weight Watchers meeting for group support and speaking with like minded people.

Pros: Bar code scanner for your foods. The organizing of your foods with the Snap Track feature allows for a better view on what you’re eating.

Cons: Lacks in being more than a mobile version of Weight Watchers. Needs more stand alone features for the app. Foods are weighed by serving size and not standard measurement like cups or teaspoons which can make the whole process much more complicated.