Top 5 Cycling Apps

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There are a few different types of cycling apps available to bicycle enthusiasts. This makes drawing up a list of the top five a little difficult. As a result, it’s best to think of what the top apps would be if people had wanted to assemble a group of programs to carry with them when they’re going out cycling.

Having all five of these cycling apps would probably be pretty useful for most cyclists. They each can help out in their own particular way. As a rule, though, most people should only track and map their routes with a single program. Using more than one for this purpose becomes confusing.

Strava Cycling

screen568x568 (8)stravaThis is always considered one of the top cycling apps because it does so much. It’s a biking and riding route tracker that works with GPS functions. That means that the maps are always a strong part of the program.

In fact what riders like most are the topographical maps. They offer a great way to examine difficult climbs and faster downhill segments of a ride. This is excellent for those who are going off road quite often. Trail riders will also love the fact that it will give them an option to compare their ride to what others experienced on the same trails. Fortunately versions of the software have come out for both the iOS and Google Android platforms.


screen568x568 (9)screen568x568 (10)While this may be the ultimate example of what cycling apps should be like, it might also benefit anyone trying to get in shape. It has GPS tracking and mapping of existing workouts, but the fact that it allows riders to actually check and monitor their progress. Time, distance and speed are all metrics that the software uses.

Most impressively, though, it can also measure the user’s heart rate. There are different settings for walking and hiking, but as the name suggests the app really shines when a cyclist uses it.

People who are seriously working on their fitness level while cycling will want to try this app out. The ability to chart progress is more than enough to keep anyone coming back to use it many times.

Bike Speeds

screen568x568 (11)screen568x568 (12)This is another one of several different cycling apps that are designed with serious people in mind. Now, it might be a little confusing why anyone would want this when there are other similar programs available. What sets Bike Speeds apart is the fact that it works with several different metrics. One of these is calories.

While this might seem slightly subjective, it’s still very useful. Naturally it has an elevation and weather monitor, which is helpful for those trail riding around. A notes section is provided if one needs to write another down on the go. Activity meters provided by Bike Speeds are more elaborate than what most people see. The developers have certainly decided to go the feature rich route instead of the more concise and simple elegance method.


unnamed (2)unnamed (3)While most people wouldn’t be familiar with Valley Development GmbH, they have done a pretty good job working on this program. Considering who authored it, it’s probably safe to say that the tracks involved have a relatively international flair. Those who are particularly interested in traveling around the world will love this, and they might like another one of the unique features that the software provides as well. The program is geared toward allowing people to post tracks up on social networking sites.

There’s one main drawback, and that involves B.iCycle at times being relatively quirky. It works well enough, but once in a while it can give out for various reasons. Plenty of apps are like this, though. Updates can be unpredictable, but they may be able to correct some of these problems in the future.

Average and maximum speed values might be really useful to some riders. In fact, those who take the management of their physical bicycle very seriously will particularly find some value in these. Comparing different rides isn’t merely something enjoyed by those who are trying to get in shape. Riders who want to work on setting up certain equipment on their bikes will probably want to try this out. Some people take their management to the next level. While this is not at all to suggest that this app is particularly geared towards those who tinker, those who do certainly will like it.

Both tinker and fitness types will love the weight settings too.


unnamed (5)unnamed (6)While most cycling apps have focused on getting out to Apple iOS customers, this one has certainly done its best to be relevant in the world of Google Android. MapMyRide+ works with the Map My Ride website, and info syncs securely with a free account created on that website.

While a lot of apps have a delay when they provide feedback, this one does not. The real-time stats truly are given out in real-time. Those who are interested in using the site can join sponsored challenges, but even those who have no interest in any of this will find some things to really like about it because it does so much more than just this.

Nutrition is a big part of the app’s appeal, which is relatively unusual when it comes to these types of programs. Most cycling apps just focus on the cycling aspect, but this one can actually provide a little information on appropriate nutrition for users. Now, it’s certainly not something that can replace the professional advice of a physician or anything like that.

Nevertheless, it’s a nice feature that might help those who want to improve their riding shape up a little. Competitive riders will actually find these functions particularly useful. There has always been a ton of debate about the right things to eat in order to remain competitive, and this app might help to plan something a little better in cases where that’s a real concern.