Top 5 MMORPG Titles for Android

Some MMORPG games are accessible through a browser, but users of Google Android devices are going to want something a little better than that. Online game users are wery weird people, cuz mostlikely they are playing adult apps and after they’re ready to play some games, good if it is mmorpg game.

Users are now looking for independent apps to get their Android gaming experience really going. Certain games look better on tablets, but those that reproduce the style of eight bit or sixteen bit consoles will really shine even on the smallest cellular phones.

A bit of a guide will certainly help those looking for a game to download. We’ve tested some titles and come up with the following list of top five massively multiplayer online role-playing games for Android. Below you’ll find a list of top 5 best game apps:

1) Warspear Online


Warspear looks just like an RPG that you might play on the SNES or Sega Genesis platform. It provides cross-platform action, and lets users set up a party. Due to the fact that the emphasis is on party-based combat, this game definitely feels like Secret of Mana or the Legend of Zelda. Best of all it’s an action RPG, which means that you won’t be stuck grinding too much. The combat system is nice and fast, unlike the one actually implemented in a SNES game.

Warspear Online is free to play and functions much like a classic RPG.


2) Infinite Black


Whalesong Games developed this interstellar combat and exploration game, which evolves independently if you decide to play an economic or military game. Fleet combat can get you stuck in some large-scale action, which is great for those who really want to explore player battles. Naturally there are plenty of NPCs to interact with as well. Astute observers should pay attention to some nuances that may be nods to other science fiction franchises, like Deep Space 9.

The Infinite Black is free and plays like a cross between and RPG and a simulation game.


3) Order and Chaos Online


People often consider this title from Gameloft to be a tribute at best, and a derivative piece of software at worst. That hasn’t stopped people from downloading the title, however. Those who just want to level up a character while slaying plenty of orcs will probably want to have a look at this game. It might very well be the closest thing to an actual desktop PC MMORPG that makes it onto the Google Android platform.

While Order and Chaos Online is theoretically free, you might have to buy the app for $6.99 on the Google Play store. It’s the closest to a PC MMORPG that you’ll find.


4) Dark Legends


Though Dark Legends is an MMORPG, it actually plays much like a hack and slash title. That’s really good for those who want to take part in fast-paced Co-Op or player-versus-player action. While this isn’t quite a brawler, it does allow players to focus on the more horrific side of supernatural fiction. Considering the direction that a lot of urban fantasies have gone in the last few years, people don’t often see titles that aren’t afraid to broach that boundary. This is certainly a title for mature gamers, so parents might be a little squeamish about letting their kids play. There tends to be a ton of blood.

Dark Legends is free on the Google Play store, and functions like an action RPG.

5) Pocket Legends


This game has a huge number of downloads. The player character options are probably what have kept people coming back for it. Players can use bears, hawks and elves as character classes. Most RPG programs limit players to either a human or a very basic monster character. This is a real shame, since many players would like to really branch out into something unique. Those who want to give something that comes much closer to the way D&D characters are created should have a look at Pocket Legends. Casual gamers, on the other hand, might not care for this title. It’s fairly serious when it comes to the game play elements.

The developer calls Pocket Legends an arcade action RPG, and offers the app download for free.