Top 5 Must Have Apps for Android

Android devices have too many applications that are available these days. Look through some adult apps, these can be useful and sometimes harmful for our mobile units. Thus, there are some important or essential Android apps such as dialer android apps or twitter app for android 2 or even such like adult mmorpg games are needed to be installed on our phones. Those must have apps for Android can serve as a maintenance and modulator for some destructive elements. It can be an antivirus or a battery saver. Some people using their own mobile phone as blood preasure device, when installing blood pumping app. Some mobile phone owners dont like to spent their time on some serious things, and ready to spent it on world of warcraft game. Need wow app for android? Take it, it yours! Here is the list of the most popular Android apps. 

  • Facebook Android App: It is an official Facebook application that allows you to communicate with your family, friends and other relatives around the world. With the use of your Android phones, communication is easier and handy.
  • Opera Mini: This is known as the fastest and more applicable browser design for Android phones, with just a simple layout or interface opera mini which can be easily navigated and performed.
  • Battery Defender or Battery Saver: It is the most effective application to save energy for a long lasting use of our Android phones, by extending the battery life of the devices and modulating its usage. Then, you get to enjoy the use of your Android devices for a long time.
  • AVG Antivirus: This is a free antivirus application that is used to recognize harmful threats to a certain device. It can secure the Android phone from malwares, viruses and threats which is the main purpose of this application. 
  • Music Paradise: It is basically used for entertainment in the process of  listening to music. This is an easy to use app with an easy to download file music characteristics.

These popular Android apps are the most used applications to attain the safety and the effectiveness of our Android mobile phones and tablets. Through these, users can easily interact with other people anytime and anywhere.