Top 6 Free Android Killer Apps

Understanding App Killer Software for Different Platforms

An app killer is somewhat similar to the task manager programs that desktop users are probably used to working with. Anyone with a free app killer is probably already familiar with the built in task management utility that their cellular phone’s operating system provides for them. Obviously the most basic app killer for iPhone is the thing that comes packed into the phone.

Task management applications list the apps that are currently running on top of a piece of software. They usually allow users to switch between different apps and eventually close them, but if we’re not talking about adult apps. The most advanced app killer software permits users to actually force quit applications. Sometimes people find that an app will hang.

An Overview of App Killer Technology

Those who need a task killer app might find themselves frustrated that the traditional key combinations that allow them to close things on a desktop or laptop aren’t possible on a cellular phone. The reason is, of course, obvious. The interfaces are simply too different.

Websites with a lot of action on them can often stop up a browser. The system hangs because some piece of software runs away with the processor and ends up using all of the system resources. Those without a good apps killer end up just needing to do a cold reset on the system. This can be very annoying.

Problems really happen if users happen to have unsaved data in another window or something like that. A cold reset would naturally kill all the running programs. Those who happened to have photos or documents in another app would end up loosing them. Killing apps also increases the chance that file corruption might occur.

By killing everything on an entire platform that risk increases. This is where an iPhone app killer comes into play. After installing the app killer iPhone software, it works kind of like a traditional task manager. The system allows users to look at all the tasks running. The best app killer then permits users to selectively close a single app. Naturally, even the best app killer software suffers from the same problem of a cold restart.

It wouldn’t be possible to save content that was made in an application that was force quit. Nevertheless, the task killer app only closes the selected application. It does not make people experience a total system wide shutdown. The benefits of this are quite obvious.

An apps killer only works its magic on a single application. It can regain control of a hung system without need of anything too dangerous. Naturally it doesn’t do anything that could be construed as destructive to the system as a whole. In fact, the average iPhone app killer is a fairly safe application.

Now that being said, remember that this is a system utility. It isn’t like an email app or something like that. As a result users will want to make sure that their app killer iPhone software comes from a reputable app store. They might even want to check the binary out before using it, if that were at all possible.

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Otherwise, they could be in for a surprise they had not otherwise suspected. Not too many Trojan horses masquerades as this type of application. It’s far too technical for those who want to gain control of a cellular phone. That being said there are a few pieces of software that might look like useful ones but are not.

Likewise, as these are system applications a poorly developed but otherwise well meaning one could cause a great deal of harm to the computer of an unsuspecting user. As a result it’s best to scan the file if at all possible. Reading reviews is always a good way to make sure that there is at least some reputation for a piece of software before it’s downloaded.

Most of the key features in many of these apps are easily accessed from a single screen. They present users with a list of applications that are currently running. They often provide an option to kill each app or even pause processor resources issued to a particular application. As a result, they provide an excellent way to manage a system.


Things to Look Out for When Selecting an App Killer

The one thing that could ultimately diminish these pieces of software, however, is if the actual on board task management systems become more useful. Should this happen these kinds of apps won’t be necessary any more. Some people are suggesting this will soon be the case, while others feel that point is probably really far off in the future.

Some app killer programs serve an antiviral purpose as well. Sometimes programs will run in resident memory and take up processor power. Kill apps will possibly show the amount of resources used by a particular program. They may also show a graph illustrating how likely it is that a particular piece of software is actually doing something that a particular use might not otherwise have approved of.

There’s a huge problem when selecting an app killer for iPhone technology. Apple doesn’t really allow third party developers to market an iPhone app killer. Some people even claim that some of the top officials at the firm would never have permitted an iPhone app killer to go to market since it would be an admission that the iOS platform had serious problems.

Fortunately the regular app killer for iPhone that comes in the form of the task manager is functional. People should probably stay away from unofficial app killer iPhone apps. These were more than likely programmed by hobbyists at best. Using an unapproved app killer iPhone could have some consequences in the warranty department.

Six Popular Advanced App Killer Programs


Advanced Task Killer Review

The Advanced Task Killer


Free-App-Killer-for-Android Advanced-task-killer

Those who need a free app killer for their Google Android phones should have a look at Advanced Task Killer. The program is extremely intuitive when it comes to the user interface. Naturally it lists the applications that are currently running. It then gives the option to end any of these without any real concern. The task killer app lists each of the individual tasks in a sort of scrolling list.

This list provides the users with check boxes. They can either select an individual check box to stop a program from running or otherwise just allow it to keep going. Generally it’s a good idea to avoid using the advanced app killer to kill things like messaging and voice mail. This is because those applications might complain if they are unable to receive regular updates.

Once applications are selected to for killing, then the kill selected apps button can be pressed. This thus ends them and prevents them from running. The task killer app allows users to select certain applications to prevent them from showing up in the actual list. The ignore list can always be shaken up through the settings menu at any time. It also shows an icon in the notification bar to permit access at any time.

Top 6 Free Android Killer Apps


Task Killer Review

The Task Killer

Free-App-Killer-Android Task-killer

This might be one of the best app killer programs available for those who are relatively uninterested in advanced features. Sometimes the most elegant solutions are those that are the easiest. The user interface is actually color coded, which makes it a little easier to navigate at first glance than some of it’s competitors that use a more sophisticated setup.

Of course, some people might see the word sophisticated and suggest that it means cluttered. This apps killer isn’t cluttered at all. Applications that are shoved in the list with their names written in white text are processes that are stored in memory but aren’t currently consuming any CPU resources. Those written in yellow text are active and consuming resources. Background services are depicted in gray text. Killing specific processes is as easy as tapping on them.

The software certainly has all of the basic features that people might expect out of this kind of application. It has an ignore list and the like. That being said, it doesn’t have anything that might otherwise clutter it up. This is especially good for those who are working with very small devices. Other apps might not be able to conform to the resolution very well.

Top 6 Free Android Killer Apps
SystemPanel Lite Review

The System Panel

Best-Task-Killer-App System-panel System-panel

Power users might really want to take a look at SystemPanel. It’s probably the most robust application for the Google Android platform. It’s actually not simply designed for task management. Rather than acting like a mere free app killer, SystemPanel is actually a full-featured utility program.

It works to monitor resources and also offers task-killing capabilities. It doesn’t really include the entire group of automatic task killing options that some of the other ones on the app market do. That might be because of who the app is actually aimed it. It’s a pretty serious piece of software.

Information like CPU and memory usage is very difficult to glean from cellular phone operating system, so it’s really useful in that respect. Applications can be killed with a single touch. It can actually kill every running process all at one. The application provides numerous charts and graphs that illustrate CPU, memory and SD card consumption. This is perfect for those who want to know everything about their phone.

It’s also really useful for those who actually develop software. Those who don’t need these functions might want to avoid this rather heavyweight application, however. They may not really be all that necessary in the end.

Top 6 Free Android Killer Apps
Advanced Task Manager

The Advanced Task Manager

Killer-Apps-for-Android Advanced-task-manager Advanced-task-manager

This apps killer is actually pretty useful. It’s considered to be a contender among many of the other task management apps available. One of the big things it has over its competitors is that it runs as a super user task on the Google Android operating system. This gives users the opportunity to additionally kill specific services. It also has the ability, as many of these app killer programs do, to set up an exclusion list that would prevent certain applications from showing up.

Now, this might be considered the best app killer on the market. However, anyone who wants to give it a go should definitely make sure that they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s certainly something that might interest power users more than the average individual. The program has, admittedly, started to lure away some SystemPanel users who prefer lighter weight software.

Users that want a certain level of power should probably take a look at the Advanced Task Manager before making any final decisions. While some people might be tempted to have them both installed, this is really unnecessary. Pick a favorite and stick with it, else there might be some resource conflicts on the horizon.

Top 6 Free Android Killer Apps
Automatic Task Killer Review

The Automatic Task Killer

Android-App-Killer-Free Automatic-task-killer Automatic-task-killer

This app is pretty similar to the Advanced Task Killer. In fact, one might want to take a moment to make sure that they are thinking of the correct app before they decide to install anything. It can be a little tricky at times, considering that all of these apps have such similar names to one another.

Automatic Task Killer has a slightly different management interface than some of the other available programs. It runs behind the scenes and generally kills processes that users do not want to keep running continuously. This has caused some people to use it as a form of impromptu virus scanner.

Those who have a list set up can let the program do its thing to keep the phone from running unwanted idle programs. Some programs immediately start to run when the screen gets unlocked, and this is the perfect app to eliminate those. The program additionally has a notification bar icon that provides users instant access to it. Those who always need to have their program available should definitely go and have a look at this one. Then again, they might be able to solve at least some of their problems involving errant processor threads by way of good management.

Easy Task Killer Advanced Review

Easy Task Killer Advanced

Best-Android-App-Killer Easy-task-killer Easy-task-killer Easy-task-killer

The main purpose of the Easy Task Killer is to optimize virtual memory usage by Android-powered devices through management of unnecessary background processes. This application had received a fresh, new interface which will allow users to clean any clogged virtual memory with a single click. That single click will almost instantaneously shut down all unused background applications, leaving only those that either you are currently running or are essential to the basic operation of Android OS.

On the main screen of Easy Task Killer, a user can review information about current active processes as well as their memory consumption. In addition, the application will display other relevant data, such as the battery level and the estimated run-time depending what you will use your phone for (phone conversations, web browsing, music streaming or video viewing). Here also is an “automatic optimization” button which will allow the application to constantly monitor and automatically cancel unused processes and services.

Android phone users now have the opportunity to view a list of all running processes (by clicking on the “Task Manager” button) and manually shut down them down or create a list of “exceptions”. If you are interested in gaining control of how your phone uses its resources and want to minimize battery drain, consider installing Easy Task Killer and giving it a try.

Top 6 Free Android Killer Apps