Top 7 Best iPhone Tracker Apps

One of the basic purposes why a mobile phone was created is because of the practical and effective communication it caters. However, obtaining load is not that easy to have, especially the high cost that it demands. Furthermore, it is helpful to choose the most convenient way of communicating at all times, knowing for a fact that every person has very demanding and occupied schedules.

With sustained and never-ending progress and improvement of technology, being able to pick the best and suitable device and app is turning out to be very challenging for individuals. Every product claims to be the best among the rest yet the truth is, those who truly have the most superior features and performance are extremely rare. At this point, we will provide you with the top applications that every iPhone fans will surely be fond of.


PHONE TRACKER FOR IPHONESThere are countless of iphone tracker app software you can download in this day and age. But apparently, not all of them have great features that every user desires. And one of those very few products which are highly ranked for monitoring various kinds of smart phones is phone tracker app for iPhone. With the help of this application which brings together internet mapping, the up-to-date features that the iPhone platform provides, as well as the operation of GPS in iPhone, the users, parents and employees, among others, can be able to locate an old friend, find lost or stolen phones, or track the whereabouts, of your target smartphone users—your friend, spouse, children or employees. And now you can even see the movements throughout the preceding 24 hours of two smartphones with this iphone tracker app!


SEX OFFENDERS SEARCH FOR IPHONEAs mentioned in the Today Show, which was aired by NBC on October that this Sex Offender app for iphone is key. Also, it was featured on several other TV programs and gained positive reviews such as on the Daily BUZZ TV Show last March 18th and they testified that this iphone tracker is the application an individual has to know about in order for them to protect their children. This Sex Offenders Search application aids people in tracking down different sexual predators as well as sex offenders who were recorded in your vicinity, and near your friends and children’ schools, campgrounds, parks and several others with the aid of GPS.


BABY MONITOR HDYou may be located anywhere in the globe, but with this next generation baby monitor iphone app named Baby Monitor HD, you can now have all the capability to watch and oversee your babies efficiently. With its simple setup, this kind of tracker app allows their users to guard & attend to their babies with four live video feeds all at once. Exceptional features such as background audio, infrared night vision, audio alerts, Picture-in-Picture for the two camera setups, you can never go wrong with this baby monitor iphone app. With just Googling this application and reading the reviews, you will be very satisfied by how positive the feedback of its users are.


ICAM WEBCAM VIDEO STREAMINGA spy camera, baby monitor, nanny camera, security camera, and a pet cam all in one phone tracker app for iphone—iCam webcam video streaming allows the users to seamlessly monitor several webcam feeds such as audio and video from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod in real time with the use of WiFi and EDGE, LTE, 3G or 4G.

Additionally, this video stream app has already been featured in many TV shows, for example, CNN, Good Morning America, and the Today Show, other than its TV advertisement for iPhone entitled “Dog Lover”. This phone tracker app for iphone has the capability to record and playback motion events on your Apple device whenever motion is sensed by your iCamSources and receive push notifications as well.


ALARM MONITOR CONTROLProbably, Alarm Monitor Control is the best iphone tracker app in the market. With the use of the security system of this alarm app, you can be able to conveniently control as well as monitor your home or your business, whether you are anywhere, in real-time. Its remarkable features include home automation solutions, video monitoring, interactive security, and energy management. All these provide immediate alertness and continuous control for your home, business, or any property you desire to monitor. Take note that this alarm app needs a collaborative plan as well as a compatible system. Also, the availability of some of its features differs based on the service plan, as well as equipment.


FIND MY KIDS FOOTPRINTSTracking kids and sharing your locations with the rest of your friends and family members can never be as effective and easy as with this footprints app. Whenever you desire, and whether your phone is in your pocket or not, with Footprints, tracking is done not only automatically, but privately as well. The simple and clear interface, the iphone tracker app allows parents to monitor their kids’, loved ones’, and employees’ locations and where they have been throughout the day, locating friends for a reunion becomes easy, and employers can even keep track of what their employees did the field.


FAMILY TRACKER FOR IPADRecently, a report about finding a missing child became possible with the help of family tracker app. Just like a basic family tracker app, this software lets you track your spouse, children, employees, and friends any time you wish, so long as they are bringing their mobile phones with them. Even though the smart phone is rebooted, this iphone app tracker will promptly resume doing its job by tracking and updating the position of your target. Furthermore, for devices with iOS7, activating an instant update on GPS is possible so you can now identify their whereabouts any time you desire, via their website or another Family Tracker app.