Top Beauty Apps You Should Install

Women interested in modern beauty apps are probably looking for something a little more than regular shopping apps. They don’t need a simple listing program, since they could just as easily do those kinds of tasks with the onboard notepad app. Rather they want value added software that really helps them make positive lifestyle changes. We’ve been able to compile a list that reflects these aspects and strive to provide women what they need in their daily lives.

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Top Five Beauty Apps

Sleep Cycle might not be what most people think of when they think of a beauty app, but it provides something far more important than most other ones do. Most people don’t get enough sleep any more, and getting too little sleep can quickly lead to numerous health and appearance problems. There’s a reason that they call it beauty sleep.

According to some testimony, those who use the Pzizz Sleep and Energizer app and soothing sound system no longer need expensive medication to relieve stress. While we can’t make any medical claims, there are a number of working women who feel it helps them get a good night’s sleep.

Considering all the types of appointments it handles, women really shouldn’t overlook the potential of uHot as a beauty app. The program can offer reminders about both beauty and medical appointments as well as encourage people to put a little more time in exercises.

Glamzy works by letting users create facial designs and see how they work with different appearances. It almost looks like a modifiable version of the conceptual drawings seen in glamour magazines.

Beauty Mark helps women put together different looks, but instead of images it uses full color photography to do so. This has a similar function to Glamzy, but the app actually works a little differently.

Installing a Beauty App

Any of these beauty apps are ready to be downloaded today, and they should be. Instead of fussing with lots of market products, these apps can all actually encourage real lifestyle changes that will help make a physical appearance that much brighter. Those curious as to what kind of makeup to use or what kinds of fashion trends they should be following will get as much use out of them as those who feel they need to loose a little weight to improve their appearance.