Top Cydia Apps

Have you seen top iphone apps?

There are many good Cydia apps for users waiting to be noticed. Some of them are worth purchasing while some are for free. Here are some of the Cydia must have apps that people can have on their own device:

  • LastPic – one of the top 10 Cydia apps that will let the user be reminded what picture was being uploaded the last time it was used. It is one of the Cydia top apps for it will serve as a reminder to the user.
  • Activator – it will let you use different applications while you are on the home screen. This new Cydia apps will make the use of the device more comfortable for the user.
  • Crackulous – one of the cracked Cydia apps that will help the users to have more access to the different applications that they want to have. It is more fun for the users if they will have no restrictions when it comes to the different applications that they can see and download.
  • Skype – is known to be included in the top ten Cydia apps for it will allow the users to have video calls along with their family and friends. The use of this application is known also for the past years making it one of the top Cydia apps 2011.
  • Dtunes – one of the Cydia music apps that will let users download their favorite songs for free. They will enjoy this application since it will let them listen to the songs as long as they want to hear it with the use of their device.

People can also look for the Cydia tethering app that can help them with the file transfer of the device to another device like laptops and others. In addition to that, people will enjoy the different applications that they can download and install right on their device. It will help them to have more access to the different things that they want to have with them.