Top Fitness Apps 2014

Those looking at top fitness apps are sure to wonder what came out in 2014. A number of new releases have got people up and moving. A few of these programs are actually quite innovative, while others just expound on existing ideas. Either way it’s best to download one and get out there as soon as possible. Summer is right around the corner, and its prime time for exercising.

The Top Five Apps in 2014

The 7-Minute Workout Challenge is a new app that combines 12 different exercises that can be performed in seven minutes. These workouts are short but extremely intense. Those who are on the go all the time should certainly have a look at this, but they’ll need to push themselves to get everything out of it.

The uHot app is actually so much more than just an exercise app. It can keep track of a woman’s health appointments as well as body and beauty treatments. Since it works by keeping everything in a single place it should help to make working out a little more routine. When something becomes routine people are sure to always do it for obvious reasons.

Virtual runner is a slightly unusual app that allows people to download videos to iPad or iPhone. People making the top fitness app from a runner’s perspective shoot these videos. When someone uses the app on a treadmill its as though they’re actually running through a marathon or down a scenic way, and it’s easy to actually imagine running on the treadmill in sync to the video. That makes this one of the best free fitness app programs available today.

Even if Zombies Run isn’t the top fitness app for iOS devices, it certainly is the most creative. Users put on their headphones and start to run. The program then starts to work like a game where the software issues verbal instructions that the user has to follow in order to avoid imaginary zombies. It’s certainly a very different way to get motivated for sure.

Moves works by tracking daily movement and how many steps are taken in a day. By planning walking routes it’s easy enough to turn a daily routine into a real genuine workout.

Downloading a Top App

The top fitness apps all have several points in common, which might make some people question whether they need more than one. While it’s always good to have a backup, people shouldn’t shy away from picking a favorite and sticking with it either. Whatever helps to encourage people to exercise is always the best app. As a result, women today should pick the app they feel they will use the most.