TrailMix App Really Gets the Blood Pumping

TrailMix AppSome reviewers have said that the TrailMix app is the coolest app they have on the iPhone, and there are good reasons for this. While TrailMix might look like just another music player, it isn’t. The software analyzes beats and detects the pace at which you walk. It’s a simple music player that changes the beat of any song to match your footsteps. The entire process is automatic, not like in free adult apps

TrailMix is excellent for those who workout. It matches the tempo of a song to your body’s movement, which means that you’ll be able to keep going longer. Scientific research states that synchronizing motions to music actually increases endurance. If you’ve ever gone out dancing and been able to keep going for hours than you’ve already experienced this effect.

Of course, it’s great for brightening up less intensive walks as well. Those who don’t like to workout might want to give it a try, since it can help to break through that annoying mental barrier that keeps people from enjoying exercise. If you do a lot of exercising with it, though, you might want to keep the volume at a decent level. Blasting the sound into ear buds when your blood is pumping isn’t a great idea.

Since the system uses a high fidelity audio time stretcher algorithm to adjust the sound, it avoids the usual high-pitched helium voice sound effects that come out of messing with the beats of an audio track. That means if you use songs with heavily lyrical you don’t have to worry about the voices sounding weird.


Nevertheless, if you like electronic music than you’ll probably want to use that with TrailMix. Since electro, techno and rave music is already centered around a variable beats per minute figure you’ll find it sounds awesome with this app. It’s great for getting you moving anyway.

Since you’ll probably be using this app while exercising, you’ll want to make sure that your iPhone is secured to your body in whatever manner you prefer. The app generally works fairly well regardless of how it’s oriented on you.