TrailMix Pro Review

Those who are into aerobics and need iphone tracker apps are really familiar with how well music works to get people pumped up for exercise. TrailMaix Pro was being given away during the Labor Day Weekend, and it’s really picked up in popularity ever since. It normally costs $4.99. The program syncs music to motion.

Main TrailMix Pro Features

For instance, if you chose a song and you started running the player would actually start to speed the music up-tempo. It would slow it down if you went back down to walking. It works at any speed, regardless of whether you ran, sprinted or took a leisurely stroll.

There’s a built-in pedometer, which works well. It’s great for those who take exercise very seriously and have set fitness goals. The shuffle feature actually chooses tracks based on their beat. It will pick music that matches your tempo.

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Specifics of TrailMix Pro

Naturally it works with anything from your existing song library. The acoustic analyzer apparently took three years to develop. Likewise, the developers clearly spent plenty of time on the interface, which works surprisingly well.

While the programmers claim that there’s no pitch change, the software certainly will work better with some kinds of music than others. Now, the accurate beat detection subroutines do make it possible to use any sort of music.

However, music where the beats are adjustable as it is work better than other types of tracks. You might want to pull out some techno and dub step so that this little electronic disc jockey can really shine. Fortunately, it works with most standard audio formats.

All Music Formats in Your TrailMix Pro

It can play any AAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC or MP3 file that does not feature DRM protection. TrailMix Pro doesn’t work with cloud items, however. It also doesn’t include music, but if you’re interested in an app like this then you probably already have quite a collection on your iPhone anyway. The program works with iOS 4.1 or higher.

As the developer notes, synchronizing movements to rhythms can actually keep you going longer. It can be great as far as physical fitness is concerned, though you might want to keep the volume turned down slightly. You don’t want to blow out your ears when you’re working on cardiovascular fitness.