Trakaa Review

Trakaa by DROS Incorporated Pty Ltd is a unique search service that allows you to look for the nearest nightlife venues. It has a particularly well-made user interface that is actually genuinely easy to use. Some of this has to do with the fact that the developer actually takes into account feedback and ideas submitted by users.

The Whole Night World in Your iPhone

The app has a growing directory of bars, hotels, clubs, nightlife venues and other types of entertainment businesses. It can display search results in a list, but you could also have a look at a pin drop map if you so choose to do so. Specifying a desired search radius will limit results to those venues close by.

That’s especially useful if you’re on vacation in another city. Any time that you visit somewhere, you might want to check out the nightlife entertainment directory. You might find some hot swinging dance club that you didn’t know about before. Since the app only costs $0.99 as well as for period and ovulation calendar app and it runs on iOS 4.3, there shouldn’t be any problems getting it onto your iPhone.

Trakaa Review 2

Special Features of Trakaa

Interesting parties might want to be warned though. The service indexes adult services as well as those that would be interesting to all ages of people. It does include strip clubs as well as institutions that sell alcohol. These points may be turn offs to some potential users.

Likewise, using Trakaa is sort of like viewing a rated R movie. It’s great, but you have to be old enough. The app isn’t available in all jurisdictions as a result. Nevertheless, those jurisdictions that wouldn’t allow users to make use of Trakka probably don’t have sufficient businesses of this type to be included in the index anyway.

Socialize with Trakaa

There’s a social function to the app, but some people might end up overlooking this. After all, you might not need social networking sites when you’re actually going to the events in person. Real life interaction is a good deal better than interaction over the Internet, and Trakaa will certainly allow you to enjoy plenty of that real world swagger.