Tunein Radio Review

TuneIn RadioTunein Radio is an app very similar to Pandora and useful as iphone tracker apps.  While Pandora is strictly artist or music based Tunein Radio is a bit more complex. Tunein Radio can give you access to a variety of stations based on what you choose on the home screen.  You can listen to local stations, what’s  trending with other Tunein users, or just browse different music categories.  Tunein does have to compete with other radio apps, however, including the previously mentioned Pandora.  While Tunein might not be as well known, it does offer some amazing features that might draw in a new type of radio app crowd.  Tunein isn’t limited to just music either.  With tunein you can listen to news, sports, and even talk show stations.  Tunein Radio is an app for someone who wants variety.

TuneIn Radio Review from Mary Broad on Vimeo.

Tunein Radio Navigation

Upon opening Tunein Radio you’re brought to the “Browse” tab on the bottom.  This gives you a variety of stations to choose from to begin your Tunein Radio experience. The other tabs include the “Live” tab, the “Favorites” tab, and the “Settings” tab.  The live tab allows you to listen to live music near you.  These stations can be saved into your favorites, which is the next tab over.  Then in your settings tab you’re able to edit the app to your preference.  You can connect to wi-fi for a better experience, have a friend login to their Tunein account, or even get Tunein Radio support.  The navigation of the Tunein Radio app is based around a simple black layout that is easy to use and great for all app users old and new.

Tunein Radio Key Features

The Tunein Radio App offers many features that users will find enjoyable and easy to use.  One of the apps many key features includes the “Live” tab which allows you to listen to your choice of your favorite live stations.  It’s just like listening to your car radio, except right at home.  This offers users a comfortable feeling that their music experience is now truly portable.  Aside their live stations the Tunein Radio app allows you to browse tons of stations of your choice.  You can then save these stations into your favorites and listen to them as much as you want.  Tunein Radio really does offer a unique experience when it comes to internet radio.

Pros and Cons of Tunein Radio


The Tunein Radio App is lots of fun and easy to use.  You can truly enjoy your favorite styles of music on the go.  If you’re looking for variety, this is also the right app for you. Tunein Radio offers so many different styles, languages, and types of radio experiences.  You can go beyond just listening to music as well.  You can catch up on your favorite sports teams, listen to the news, or even catch up on a podcast. The Tunein Radio App truly offers something new to the table for app users all over the world.


The Tunein Radio App is a great app, and offers a lot of new experiences for app users, but many probably won’t give it a chance.  Pandora is already the top internet radio app.  Many people won’t even take the time to research other radio based Apps. Tunein Radio is based on a really unoriginal idea, although the app itself is fantastic.  The concept of radio stations on an app has been utilized by I<3Radio, 8tracks, and lots of other similar Apps. Tunein is great if you give it a chance, it offers a new touch to a not so new idea.