uHot App Review

uHot May be the Best Shopping App Out There Today

Those who are looking for the best shopping app should take a look at uHot for sure, if the’re not looking for adult app games. Being marketing as the Lady’s Assistant is certainly a lofty statement, but uHot has actually earned its position as the finest of the various beauty app programs on the market. It’s available on the iTunes app store, and works perfectly fine with most modern iOS devices. By permitting users to track and plan all of their daily activities, the app actually helps in a way that apps geared toward work couldn’t.

Looking at Top Features

While scheduler apps for work are very important, they haven’t really replaced the non-occupational black books that many people carry around with them. This is just one more thing to carry and generally a waste of paper, not to mention that uHot is actually easier to use than a physical book. In part this ease of operation comes from the fact that it can be searched through and manipulated in ways that regular paper cannot. It helps users to navigate through:

♥ Hair appointments
♦ Nail and other beauty appointments
★ Facial and spa treatments
♥ Body treatments
♣ Health tasks and physicals
♠ Necessary shopping tasks
★ Fitness and exercise time periods
♥ Running errands
And all of the other various sundry things that life tends to throw at people!

uHot Design and Navigation

Best app for girlsA daily calendar view system allows all activities that are marked by the individual category icons to be displayed on a single screen. This helps to provide a really quick overview that can be tailored to either a daily or weekly basis without too much work. For that matter, the event set-up mechanism alone makes this the best health app. It allows users to store the time, name, phone number and location of each individual activity.

Those who need to add reminders have certainly considered this the best app for women. Reminders can be set for 15 or 30 minutes before an event. One-hour reminders can also be keyed in. Since there are logging options available right inside of the software many people have also started to use this as a way to track different purchases and the like. Some individuals have even expressed an interest in using it to curtain a couple of negative shopping habits.

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Getting the Best App for Girls

While many people might expect the best health app to cost quite a bit, it actually sells for $6.99 on the iTunes app store. Those who might alternatively initially consider this to be expensive should think about it for a moment or two. When it comes to what this app can do its not expensive at all. It certainly costs less than physical organizers, and some have said it’s the best app for women because it can additionally help those who need to achieve realistic fitness goals. Either way, it should be on the shopping list for those who have been looking for a way to get organized in this hectic world.