Vine Review

VineReading a Vine review can make users of the Google Android platform green with envy. The software is currently only available for those who use iPhone technology. As a result, it’s largely considered one of the killer apps for the iPhone console that’s still specific to it.

Vine Review for the iOS Platform

Vine is essentially Twitter for video clips. In fact, users actually feel that it literally is Twitter for video clips. A recent Vine review actually made the point that Twitter acquired Vine over time as the case might be.

The app allows people to make videos and then post them to the social network. There is a catch though. Just like Twitter, there are limitations.

Vine Review Techniques

Twitter famously limits post by a certain number of characters. Vine limits videos to six-second lengths. This sounds rather draconian for sure. However, a sort of subculture has started to come around as a result of the limitation, which is again perhaps a parallel of Twitter.

Just like Twitter, there are plenty of people who have found numerous unusual uses of the Vine platform to publish videos. There are people who produce political commentary, try to teach a lesson, update individuals on current events and share small bits of their lives with everyone.

While the platform isn’t private, most people don’t seem to mind. They are looking for, perhaps, a little fame along with a unique type of viewership. As one might expect there are plenty of younger hipsters who enjoy using the platform as a way to have fun. That sort of behavior has really started to encourage the Vine platform to grow in more directions than the creators probably ever really intended it to.

The Final Vine Review

Overall the interface is easy enough to use. There’s a one touch video continuation. Users can record audio. The upload and sharing times are blazingly fast. Nevertheless, there are strict time limitations and no one can make their profile private. Users also can’t use previously recorded videos either. Otherwise, though, the application is quite stable and works well.