Voice Assistant App Review

siri-alternativesUnlike an iPhone’s stock voice assist app, the one with this name is far less grating. Some people find Siri and her imitators to be a little difficult to swallow or voice iphone app. Others would like something similar to be available for their Android devices. Both groups should be able to find something that they like from this app, and there are rumors that a Windows Phone version is currently on the horizon.

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Working with Voices

The voice assist app should be able to aid those who want to issue voice commands to their phone units, but it should also be relatively useful for those who want updates and the like to be delivered to them via a spoken voice. One should face the fact that this isn’t really designed as a voice assist app for accessibility purposes. Nevertheless some people have found that it actually does a pretty good job of functioning as an accessibility unit and that it’s suited as such. This kind of usage is technically off label, and can’t be formally recommended.

Some apps are actually designed to interface with this kind of software. Those who are looking to get it to work with a specific program had best investigate by looking at an official compatibility list. Otherwise they might be a little out of luck. As the developer is constantly making adjustments to the software these compatibility lists are always changing. Its best to pay close attention to the date that it was released, especially for those who use an older revision of the mobile app.

Listen to the Voices

Getting the voice assistant app isn’t difficult since its currently available for both iOS devices and the Google Android platform. Admittedly many cellular phones now have some form of a voice assist built into their operating systems, and Siri is by far the most famous one. Nevertheless some people find them annoying or inaccurate and this is a good substitute even for those who already do have access to this type of technology.