What’s the Best Fitness App?

People are wondering what the best health and fitness apps available today are. Fortunately several new ones recently came out on the apps store, which has helped bring attention to them. Too often people think of mobile devices as things that have made society lazier. In contrast to this thought, several developers are making apps that actually encourage people to get up and get moving.

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Looking at Five Best Apps

While its days as a huge fad may be behind it, the new Zumba Dance app is now one of the best fitness apps for women. It provides the benefits of a patented Zumba workout without having to go to a studio in person.

Yoga Studio is among the best health and fitness apps, and it shows over sixteen hours of pre made classes at any level. These classes are actually developed by real instructors, so they feel just like a class that’s taken by going to a physical place.

Ghost Race Pro is a unique app that allows people to run against a fictional competitor. Goals can easily be set, which makes it attractive to those who are really training for something big. Competitors have often looked to this app to keep them going in their training.

The uHot software is one of the best fitness apps for women, and does much more than just schedule workout time. It can actually offer reminders and encourage people to put in that extra time they need to really get in shape, and it strives to make it part of a regular routine as well.

Hot5 is a modern fitness app that has a number of quick 5-minute workouts that span several different styles. It’s also completely free, which is probably the best aspect of it.

Picking the Best One

The best fitness app is clearly the one a person uses. There’s no reason that a single mobile device shouldn’t be without all five of these apps, though. Many people spend a lot of money on huge libraries of books and DVDs along with expensive exercise equipment. This library of apps won’t take up any extra room in a house, and it might actually be the best bet when it comes to genuinely getting and staying in shape. They’ll always be with the user after all.