What’s Up vs Facebook Messenger: What’s the Best Instant Messaging App?

Both the What’s up app and Facebook’s answer have some advantages for those who use them.

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Since people often complain that Facebook has largely failed when it comes to mobile apps it could be an easy shoe in for the What’s up app. That being said, this isn’t necessarily the case. What’s up arguably has a smaller installation base. That could make it less attractive to those who have a lot of people to stay in touch with.

Installation Figures

There are disagreements naturally on whether the Facebook messenger apps or the competition actually have a bigger footprint when it comes to the number of users. There are always disagreements on these things, so people might not even be aware of why they should care about these kinds of things.

When it comes to instant messengers, the more people that use a particular client the more likely it is to be useful when trying to communicate with someone. No one wants to have to install a number of different apps just to stay in touch with a few friends. If nothing else, Facebook as a brand is more recognizable and this might help it win big in this department in the future. This means that friends might end up switching over to this service just because they have similar accounts already.

Message Marketing

What’s up is much more of a so-called serious instant messaging program, though, and this is sure to attract those who are fans of SMS and other various text messaging clients. Many of these users are turning away from text messages because the text rates are much costlier than data rates. By switching over to an instant messaging program people can save money and still do the same sorts of things that they could with text messages.

The ability to manage buddies independently from a system like Facebook is very attractive for these types of users. They’re more inclined to use something like this. There’s one strike against it in the marketing department, though. The messaging program is actually typeset as WhatsApp, regardless of pronunciation, and there are other pieces of software called What’s up. As a result, some people are starting to confuse different apps. This might hurt a ton when it comes to recognition. Nevertheless, it’s important to never blame one app for the problems that another is suffering.

Which One Is Really Better

Some enthusiasts might say that the best instant messaging app is the one that users actually use. If some friends are using Facebook messenger apps then this is certainly the one to go with. The same is true for What’s Up. It might be considered good information age etiquette to stick with the app used by the people one is trying to contact. Even if someone is convinced that one or the other really is the best instant messaging app, it won’t mean a hill of beans if they have no one to talk to.