Wunderlist – To-do & Task List Review

OB-XW299_iapp_DV_201306170937125fa7182155d5e58d5c8a140b5a4ca432Free versions of the Wunderlist app are still really useful in spite of apparent cutbacks.

A recent Wunderlist app review noted that the software comes in two flavors. The paid pro version is offered via what some people call a ‘freemium’ package. Nevertheless, the free options are still great. In either case, it’s one of the best task list programs available and is a real step up from simply using a notepad program that came with the phone.

What It Can Do

The majority of Wunderlist reviews focus on the ability to create lists and manage things that a user has to do. Interestingly enough these lists can actually be shared with other users of the Wunderlist app. As a result an increasing number of business users are flocking over to it since they can create things that all employees in an organization will need to have access too. Technically it wasn’t intended as an enterprise level solution, but it has become popular in this role. Prospective users will want to check the terms of service agreement for rules regarding this type of usage for sure.

Admittedly these same lists can be organized with hash tags as well. Users who are really interested and take the time to read Wunderlist app review pages and get a few tips can use an interesting email feature. It takes a little getting used to, but it’s really useful. In a manner of speaking that phrase could describe many of the aspects of the app.

Advanced Features

By using an Add to List system, content from different sites can be added directly to the app. Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, Etsy, Trip Advisor, Gmail and Outlook are all supported by this feature. This helps when setting up a large set of reminders when someone emailed a user some task that they need to accomplish.

Speaking of email, as was mentioned before the system allows users to send email to a special address. When tasks are emailed to this account they are added a user’s list. This is particularly promising for users who are often given tasks in person to add to their list. Any time they realize they have something new to do they can add it as soon as they can get to some sort of Internet connected device, and by connecting it with web mail this can be literally accomplished anywhere. There’s no reason why someone wouldn’t be able to email things straight to their list.

Paid Options

Fewer Wunderlist reviews ever touch the paid options. There really isn’t a whole lot they have to offer. While the free version can provide up to 25 subtasks per task, the paid version is unlimited in this respect. Tasks can be assigned out to other shared users, which might be useful for administrators in an organizational structure. Paid users can upload files to the system, and they can also communicate in real time with the comments system.