YouTube Capture Review

YouTube CaptureSince iPhone users are shooting more mobile videos than ever, the topic of YouTube capture review pages keeps coming up. Users can use the app to easily capture, caption, add a location and upload videos to YouTube. Naturally they can also share videos with the Google+ network as one might expect from the organization that put out this app.

YouTube Capture Review Notes

The capture app doesn’t just allow people to capture videos though. There are some handy basic editing options. Automatic color correction works fairly well, but stabilization is probably the best feature. A good deal of videos shot with mobile devices don’t quite come out as stable as they otherwise should. As a result, the stabilization feature is really nice.

YouTube Capture Review of Techniques

Trimming should probably be used more than it is. Videos should have a little lead in the beginning so that people don’t miss anything, but many people often take this to quite an extreme. Music tracks can be added straight into the video as well.

In the moment video can sometimes go too long. This makes certain people start to turn away from YouTube channels. Instead of inspiring the dreaded home movies feeling in their viewers, users of the capture app can cut down their loops and make them short and sweet. This kind of thing will keep people coming back to a channel for more. Keeping them coming back is especially important if they’re family, since more people are sharing family memories with the iPhone now.

Social YouTube Capture Review

The biggest markets for this app are probably those who enjoy using YouTube as a place to submit videos for other social networking pages. The app includes buttons to share videos with Google+, Facebook and Twitter after uploading to the actual YouTube site.

Fewer people are actually going around transmitting video files any more. Instead, they’re using flash video sites to transmit content without uploading it to their own servers. Since this software gives them the ability to directly upload things to YouTube, it’s actually rivaling software like SocialCam.